Plantation blinds, like plantation shutters, are stylish and popular because of how they enhance a room’s appearance. But they are a superlative blackout blind as well. You can use the louvers to control the amount of light that enters your room. If you desire, they can completely block the entry of light from a window at any time of day.

Plantation blinds come in several different styles and materials. For the classic and refined look, choose solid wood plantation blinds or wood plantation shutters. Wood plantation blinds are not only the height of elegance but wooden window blinds tend to hold good resale value. Wooden plantation blinds can come painted or stained to your taste. Also, consider whether custom plantation shutters and custom plantation blinds are within your budget. Because they are made to measure wooden blinds, they will fit your window perfectly, give you perfect light control in your room, and they will look beautiful. Wood plantation blinds come in a number of fine hardwoods. Basswood blinds and woven wood blinds are particularly popular.

If wooden plantation blinds are beyond your budget, consider faux wood blinds. Faux wood plantation blinds and faux wood plantation shutters can have all of the style and functionality of solid wood blinds at a fraction of the cost. There are a number of Internet retailers that offer cheap faux wood blinds and discount wood blinds. Remember that when you buy cheap wooden blinds, you should make sure you understand the warranty and returns policy.

Some opt to purchase vinyl plantation blinds and vinyl plantation shutters. They are also an economical solution and can be easier to clean than wooden blinds.

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