There have been thousands of inventions since man has been on this earth. There was the invention of the wheel which makes it possible for anybody to get to a destination much faster. Then there’s the invention of the refrigerator which allows us to keep our food from spoiling.

It’s hard to pin-point exactly what the “best” of the best inventions are because we all have our own opinions. Although there are many ideas and inventions nowadays, we probably could all agree that the best inventions are those that solve people’s problems as discussed in this article at¬†

Back in the day before the phone was invented, people had to rely on word-of-mouth and messenger services to communicate with people across long distances.

Sometimes it took days or months to relay a message to another person. The phone was born out of this desire to communicate quicker, and now we can talk to anybody across thousands of miles in a matter of seconds.

With the advent of technology and the ability to mass manufacture products, nowadays people’s ideas for inventions can easily become a reality. We see evidence of this in those nightly infomercials. The inventors of these products are raking in millions of dollars because they are solving people’s problems as described in this article¬†

If you have an everyday reoccurring problem, more than likely there are other people in the world experiencing the same problem. That’s an invention in the making!

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