Printed circuit board PCB refers to the support body that provides electronic component set installation and plug-in. After some specific design, the circuit will connect the electronic components together to achieve the function and capability of intermediate transmission;

In life, PCBs have a wide range of applications (such as computer motherboards, notebook computers, cameras, etc.), which are indispensable components of all electronic products, so they are also called the mother of electronic systems, depending on their softness. Divided into hard circuit board RPC and flexible circuit board FPC and soft and hard composite board.

PCB most important industry in today world

In fact, the PCB is a basic component developed according to the needs of various electronic products, and the insulating material is supplemented by the mechanical components formed by the conductor wiring. The PCB is mainly used to carry electronic components. By using the electronic circuit formed by the circuit board, each electronic component is combined and then connected together to serve as a bridge for communication between circuits.

PCB is widely used in computers, precision instruments, consumer electronics, and other industrial products. PCBA manufacturing is a comprehensive industry integrating optics, electricity, chemistry, machinery, materials and management science. It is also one of the two major parts manufacturing industries in the domestic electronics industry.

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