The lizards are of those rodents which mostly prefer to live in the houses and apartments. These rodents prefer the houses to live because here they get all sorts of food, water and shelter. The lizards can easily get into the store rooms and kitchen of the house. They can easily access the food and grains kept in the sacks and bags by simply tearing them off. If the lizard get into kitchen then greater problems are waiting for the people in houses. These rodents urinate and litter around the food items and utensils. If these utensils are properly washed then humans might suffer various harmful diseases. If the food items contaminated by the lizard are accidentally taken in by humans, then the humans might suffer from different diseases. These rodents can also destroy the expensive clothes and other leather products. So it is very essential to get rid of lizard from the houses. There are various types of repellents for the lizard available in the market. There exists eco-friendly as well as poisonous rat repellents. But it is always better to use the eco-friendly rat repellents to กำจัดจิ้งจก. Here we are going to discuss about the liquid repellents for lizards. The liquid lizard repellents available in the market nowadays are totally eco-friendly.

These repellents do not cause any kind of poisonous and toxic chemicals. These repellents are made from the selected natural organic herbs. These lizard repellents are totally safe for the humans as well as the pet animals. These liquid repellents can be also sprayed around the plants as these repellents do not destroy the plants. These liquid repellents come in spray bottles which can be sprayed into deep corners of all rooms in the house. This type of repellent can also be used in office, restaurants, go downs etc and can keep the rats away for many days. This liquid repellent does not cause any type of harm to the lizard at all. This liquid repellent has the fragrance of mint which creates a fresh fragrance when sprayed in the rooms, offices or other places. On the other hand it creates the smell of cat’s body which is one of the greatest predators of the lizards. As soon as the lizards get this smell, they feel as if the cats are around them and they leave the place as soon as possible. So these liquid repellents simply get rid of lizards without causing any kind of harm to them. The humans cannot inhale this cat’s body smell produced by the liquid rat repellent. The humans can inhale only the smell of mint. This repellent does not require any sort of safety precautions as compared to the other types of poisonous lizard repellents and mouse traps.

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