Hair loss or alopecia is a daunting word for people who consider the significance of physical beauty. If you are suffering from hair loss, it is important to understand the causes of this condition in order to stop it and to promote hair regrowth on the affected areas of your scalp.

In a vast majority of hair loss cases, this occurs due to hereditary, passed down the genes from either side of your parents. Other crucial clinical studies indicate that baldness from the mother’s side has a bigger chance of being passed along to a male child. Naturally, the human body produces an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase and the male hormone testosterone which is typically found in the scalp mixes with the 5 alpha reductase enzyme, it then produces a much stronger hormone dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

DHT is the reason behind male and female pattern baldness which is medically termed as androgenic alopecia. 80 percent of the male population will inevitably experience this certain type of hair loss. It usually starts at the age of 25 and this becomes very apparent as they grow older. Medical doctors say that DHT is not well received by men and some women as this converted hormone cuts off blood supply which is essential for hair regrowth. Thinning of the hair and balding process starts when there is a high level of DHT in the scalp. Luckily today, there are DHT blockers that are invented and are proven to efficiently stop hair loss in both men and women.

A treatment that can stop DHT related hair loss is DHT Blocking Hair Loss Shampoo. Hair Restoration Laboratories’s DHT Blocking Hair Loss Shampoo is among the best DHT inhibitor in the hair loss industry and has already improved the condition of countless men and women who happened to suffer from and is till helping thousands of other people. Hair Restoration Laboratories’s Hair Loss Shampoo makes saw palmetto extracts as their active ingredient which is highly recognized by proficient experts as a potent DHT inhibitor. Both men and women can certainly stop hair loss and even experience significant hair regrowth naturally and permanently. It is a 100 percent herbal and natural treatment and has no side effects.

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