Choosing the Perfect Name For Your Puppy

Choosing the Perfect Name For Your Puppy

Once you have your new adorable puppy at home, one of the first things you should do is decide how to name it. This can be a surprisingly difficult task, even if it does not look like it should be! In fact, you may find it harder to choose a name for your puppy than to train it. If you are having trouble deciding which dog you should call, here are some tips for finding the perfect name for the dog:

One option is to go with a physical feature. If your dog has darker fur around his feet, maybe Boots will be a good name for him. Similarly, Spot is always a favorite, though it may not be original enough for you. However, if you are looking for an easy way to choose a name, it is easy to name your dog according to its appearance. Spot, Boots, Socks and more are good names for dogs, albeit a bit simple.

Another way to name your dog is to follow tradition. King, Bruno and Lassie are all traditional names for a dog. You may not be the most creative, but turning to these classic dog names significantly shortens your list of possible baby names. It will also make it easier to explain where you got your dog’s name.

Television characters, movies and books are also excellent names for dogs. Lassie has become a fairly common name for a dog, but you can always name your puppy after another on your favorite television show. Fluffy, Fang and Norbert, animals in the Harry Potter books, have become new favorites among children. Marmaduke and Odie, both comic dogs, are also funny names for a dog. Of course, you do not have to use dog names for a dog. You can name your puppy after any TV, movie or new character. For example, Star Wars fans could name their Wickett cub after the cute Ewok, or Chewbacca after the famous Wookiee.

Choosing the Perfect Name For Your Puppy

If you have two puppies to name, you can go with a duo. Thelma and Louise or Old Dan and Little Ann, from where the Red Fern Grows are, are excellent names for couples. You will find many of these duets on television, movies or literature, and it is likely that you have already found a few.

Naming your puppy after a celebrity or a famous politician is also an option. If you have a political mindset, you can name a pair of dogs for the current governor and vice governor of the state in which you live. You can also name your puppy according to the president, vice president or even the mayor of your locality. City. Or go to the political celebrities route and name your puppy as Schwarzenegger or Ventura.

Literary fans can also name their puppies after their favorite writers. Dante, Blake and Coleridge are good names for dogs. Or you can use a more modern writer if you wish. Gresham, Rowling and Sedaris are very different names for dogs, but they are unique and fun at the same time.

Mythology is also a good source of dog names. Zeus, Odin, Thor: all these are strong names for a dog. There are so many different regional mythologies that you can easily find a name that you like if you search a lot.

All of these sources can provide great names for your dog. Click here to find more ideas for your dog’s name. However, the most important thing is to choose a name for your dog that reflects your personality and your taste. This is the name that your dog will have throughout his life, so do not make a hasty decision.