Have You Patented Your Idea?

Do you have a unique idea? And did you share it with someone? Have you patented? If not, do it today.

What is a patent?

If you have invented something or made a new discovery, you can take advantage of the valuable monetary rights that you can apply for your own benefit, whether you are using it yourself or imparting privileges to others. It is a form of intellectual property that has commercial value. The patent is a grant from the government to the inventor for a limited period of time granting him the exclusive right to use, exercise and sell his invention. A United States patent gives inventors the right to “exclude others from the manufacture, use, offer, sale or sale of their invention in the United States or the importation of their invention into the United States” for a limited period of time.

How do you know if you need a patent or not?

The issue will only arise if you have invented or discovered any process, machine, manufacture or composition of new and useful material, or any new and useful improvement thereof. You may obtain a patent for it, subject to the conditions and requirements of the law of the specific country by which such patent will be obtained. The invention should fall into any of the three categories. First are utility patents that include process, machine, article of manufacture, composition of matter or improvement of any of the preceding articles. Most patents are for incremental improvements in known technology; Innovation is evolution instead of revolution. Next comes the plant patent, which provides patent protection for an asexual reproduction of any new and distinct plant variety. The third category is the design patent for the new ornamental design of a manufacturing article. For example, all Star Wars characters have been protected by design patents.

The patentability test is three, that is, it must be new, it should be non-obvious and it should be useful. Some inventions can not be patented even though they meet all three criteria because they are harmful to public health or violate public morality or public interest or if the law in a particular country has declared that inventions are not patentable in that particular field to which the patent belongs. You can always get professional help on this from InventHelp to know how to do it right. Neither can a process of treating humans, animals or plants be patented. In plain language, a patentable invention must never have been made public in any way, anywhere in the world, one year before the date on which a patent application is filed. In other countries, it does not have a grace period of one year and requires absolute novelty. It is not new if it is identical or similar to the invention known or used by others or patented or described in a printed publication anywhere in the world or if the invention has been patented or described or has been of public use anywhere in the world for more than one year prior to your request.

Your invention must be sufficiently different from what has been used or described above that it may be said that it is not obvious to a person having a normal skill in the area of technology relating to his invention. The usability angle says that the invention should be a practical form of an apparatus or device that is operative and which performs the purpose of bleeding. It should be noted that the laws of nature, physical phenomena, and abstract ideas are not patentable, no matter how useful they may be.

After submitting the patent application, the examiner verifies whether or not the claim of the invention is to be granted. Again experts from InventHelp will help you in this step. It should provide many specifications and descriptions regarding the invention. It’s recommended that you send them to your lawyer, who will guide you in writing and claims and other formalities, which will save time and money and increase the chances of obtaining a brighter patent.

How to send your invention ideas to large companies

If you are thinking of sending some of your invention ideas to a company, it is very important to first determine if the company accepts shipments of unsolicited inventions. Do not send anything without first contacting or understanding the guidelines for presenting the company’s inventions.

If you send an idea to a company without contacting it or understand the submission guidelines, you may receive a rejection notification. Without proper documents or compliance with shipping guidelines, the company you are shipping can reject the shipment without even seeing your submitted materials.

Corporations want to protect their interests and protect themselves from lawsuits. The sole purpose of a forwarding policy is to avoid possible misunderstandings or disputes and to provide reasonable protection to later corporate products that may appear similar. For this reason, companies will not accept ideas submitted unless an agreement is established and followed. There are a lot of things you should look out for and if you need help you can always seek help from experts at InventHelp.

For example, Sears will not consider any ideas submitted unless they are submitted in accordance with the Sears Terms of Use Agreement. If you do not follow the guidelines or establish your own with the company you are sending, your idea may be rejected quickly and the opportunity may be lost.

Almost all large corporations have their own standards for presenting inventive ideas. You can find the shipping guidelines of companies published on your website. If you do not find a shipping guide on the site, call and request one before you send any information to the company.

Before preparing your shipping material for any company, make sure you understand your shipping guidelines. Just send stuff or files that you can receive. Send only electronic files, by e-mail or CD-ROM, unless the company can read these electronic files. For example, some companies accept only hard copies of the material that is shipped attached with signed documents. The company may request original signed copies that are not faxed, scanned or e-mailed to prevent fraud. To be sure, you can ask for InventHelp expert assistance.

Some companies may spend up to 60 days reviewing the shipping of their invention idea. After contacting the company and submitting your idea, ask for the usual time to review your idea. Always follow up after a period of time allowed to verify that the idea has passed.

Licenses For New Inventions

New inventions in almost every field are quite common these days. With the rise of the intelligent and radical approach to life, many people are turning their ideas into successful businesses. The process of inventing a product and its successful implementation is not as easy as it sounds.

Every time a person has an invention idea, the first step that must be taken is to apply for a patent for that particular product. Technically, it is called patent license rights, but it is more commonly known as a license of the invention. The inventor has the option to complete all procedures on their own or to take advantage of licensing companies for professional inventions. The inventor may grant the patent right license to a particular manufacturer and then charge royalties. The United States Patent Office grants thousands of patent licenses per year for different inventions.

It is essential to consult an experienced lawyer before signing any license agreement. The license agreement includes provisions for prepayments, royalties percentages, and other breach issues. Inventors may grant an exclusive license for a single party or a non-exclusive license for more than one party. Therefore, it is essential to make a list of possible manufacturers visiting product fairs, local stores, libraries and reference magazines. Certain databases of online manufacturers can also be used to find a suitable company.

A short letter of professionally written marketing should be sent to each company for approval. The letter shall contain information on the sale or license of the patent rights of the invention idea to the manufacturing company. It is also advisable to attach a professional-looking color brochure of the product along with the marketing letter to make a good impression. You can also create a specific website to provide more information about the product and its inventor, which gives the project a professional look. This will certainly increase the chances of product success.

Therefore, it is essential that the inventor takes great care to safeguard his interests and to follow all legal and professional measures.

Do You Have An Invention You Want To Launch?

Launching an invention is an exciting process that can bring much wealth and success if done properly. The best way to patent an idea is to follow the process and do all of your research up front to prevent having issues later on. After you have completed the patenting process, create a new product to market and have it manufactured. Here is the right way to approach the process.

Conduct research

The first step is to conduct research about your new invention idea. You should look at market research data in terms of who would most likely purchase the product and what their needs are. The market research component will help you build a better product and help you promote the product after it has been manufactured. You should also do some competitive research in terms of looking at other similar products are on the market as well.

Do a patent search

Once you have a firm idea of about a new product to market, you should conduct a patent search. A patent search is when you check to see if the idea has already been patented. This is a vital step because it will help you avoid litigation in the future if someone has already patented the product.

Apply for a patent

You can apply for a patent to protect your invention ideas. It can take a while to get a full patent, up to several months. You will have to complete an application and submit an application fee.

Make a prototype

Make a prototype of the product based on the patent application that you submit. This is really the time when you should perfect the product and hash out all of your ideas.

Contact manufacturers to produce your product

Once you have finished prototype, you can begin to contact manufacturers to produce your product. This will take some time because you will have to be satisfied with both the quality of the product and the revenue sharing agreement.

Market and promote the product

The final step is to market and promote the product. The best way to promote a new product to market is to think like one of your potential customers and consider where they would look first. You can build a website, use social media networks, and even pay for advertisements in newspapers and magazines.

The best way to patent an idea is to do extensive research from the very beginning and get the product patented before anyone else does. You will have plenty of time to perfect the prototype, contact manufacturers, and promote the product later on so it is recommended that you get your ideas down and have them patented first.

Guide To How To Patent An Idea

Each one thinks unique but there are just ideas that are truly so unique and important that it needs to be protected from other people fond of copying things. You would not want this eureka moment to be stolen from you. You need to know how to patent an idea. If you come to know that steps on how to patent an idea are lengthy think of it as a fulfilling job which will yield better results. You need to validate first your idea.

It is really important to know whether there are current studies making use of your idea. In order for it to be patented it has to be unique. A good tool for your search is the World Wide Web since new ideas are something to be proud of you might find it posted in the web. Since an idea per se cannot actually be patented, it has to be put into action. You must materialize the idea you got in order for it to be patented.

Next step is to try to put all these ideas into writing. You need to have a document containing the details of your new invention. It has to contain also necessary things like how you would plan to produce it. This way the jurors will have the thought that you truly have made all these by yourself. After putting all into writing, you need a reputable person to stand as witness. In this case you need your documents notarized for it to be a legal document. Another thing to do is to check whether your idea is really unique or has somebody used it already. Search for inventions that might be similar to your idea.

Sometimes, inventions are not really new things but an exact modification or polishing of an already existing invention. Create a model of your idea afterwards. This shows how your invention would look like. This would also give a way for certain modifications that you would want to create. Then now you are ready for your patent invention. You may have passed the steps on how to patent an idea. You can have a provisional patent which allows you to be the sole owner of a certain invention for a short period of time.

This is a short protection for the ideas that came out from your creative mind. However, after a year you can apply for a renewal which entitles you for a better protection. If you have second thoughts on how to patent an idea it is just right to consult a lawyer. They have the knowledge and the answer for your queries. This way you will also be enlightened with the responsibilities and rights of being a sole owner of a certain invention.

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Finding the Best Email Services Like the Email Address Validation

For promoting any services or products, the easy way is to send the newsletter. The attractive designs and the catch promotional tag lines simply are famous between your targeted audience and you start noting the facility of the same. But, what happened if your list is not perfect and you are not sure about their domains and more. Obviously, for filtering the process, you need to confirm email address and doing that by your own is not possible. It claims some techniques and more and for that you need to hire the email verification service experts who know how to verify an email address. So, be ready to hire the company that knows to give you the quality services as per your need. Confuse how to select that, and then here are some tips for you that will lead you towards the best selection.

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Doing a meeting is something that you need to do before selecting the company for the email address validation. It can be possible they are good in their work but you don’t get the flexibility that you want from them, then it will not be a perfect choice in any scenario. Always remember that satisfaction is the thing that comes with quality work and the fun you do during the work. But, just imagine you need to consult something or fix it urgently, so you try to contact them but no responses are there, then what you think. Obviously, it is not a professional approach. So, talk with them about the various services that you want and what their response if you want to confirm email address urgently and after that make your mind that you seem to be perfect. Don’t ignore the importance of the price that you need to pay, so ask about the same and finalize the deal which will be the perfect combination of the quality, price and flexibility.

Choose Free Clipart Designs to Liven Up Your Files And Projects

When it is a stage of reading or listening to any presentation, or discussion on any project or document, it deduces yawning – the basic reason is the presentation is a river of words, which isn’t easy to cross over. Thus, to create the curiosity and interest in it, the clipart creativity is added, that lends charm and attraction, and removes the monotonous aspect of all types of presentations. This goes especially when all they contain are endless lines of words and punctuations. When you listen to business presentations or lectures which use articles, it will seem as if your eyesight is swimming in words.

What is feeling by the audience, it is difficult to know, until and unless the presenter keeps an eye over the audience’ interest. But for those who are forced to read what has been presented to them, it will be hard for them to stifle their yawn. If you are designated with the task to make a report in the future, you can stop this kind of incident from happening. This is possible by spicing up your presentation or projects with free clipart. These are colorful images, graphics, or animations which can be added to your work. Through clipart designs, you will be able to entice or excite the visual sense of your audience. This will allow you to capture their attention and prevent them from losing their interest.

Clipart – primarily is deduced from the clipped art that means an image is taken from a different source, and has been inserted into a presentation, document or project. So the primary need for the clipart is the image that should be printable and not net-based. One of the websites where you find Free Clipart Library and can acquire free clip art downloads is OurClipart.com. The images or designs which are offered on the web are basic and simple. What is more, they do not use up so much space. The average amount of space that clipart images take up is 8-bits or lesser. This is why these are appropriate for projects, cards, or documents.

What are android wallpapers

Do you know what PC desktop wallpapers are? They are the pictures which are used to decorate back ground of your computer. These wallpapers can be used on different operating systems and devices. The operating systems Linux and Microsoft windows support the display of wallpapers. Just as on desktops and laptops now you can get a wallpaper for your android too.

Modern backgrounds and wallpapers can used in several ways. You can be very creative while decorating the background of your android screen. Nowadays people are also using customized wallpapers on their android screens. You can use your company logo or a personal photograph as a background for your android. If you want to use an image as a wallpaper, it should be saved in a compatible format. The most common formats which are used for creating wallpapers are JPG, GIF, or BMP.

Dark souls wallpaper 1920×1080

There are many options for displaying a wallpaper on the screen of your android, computer or laptop. You can make a picture to appear many times on your screen. This pattern is known as tile. This is a traditional method of displaying an image on a screen.

Nowadays wallpapers can be downloaded through the internet. There are many websites and blogs which allow you to download several types of wallpapers. Some of the websites are free and others cost. I would recommend you to use a free website. But if you want an uncommon and customized wallpaper then it is a good idea to go for the paid ones.

There are many things which should be considered while downloading wallpapers for your android,personal computer or laptop. The wallpaper you have downloaded should be compatible to your computer screen. You should know the proper resolution after downloading the wallpaper to your laptop or computer. Never download a wallpaper from an unknown website. Most of the downloads from common websites can be harmful for your computer.

Why Should You Hire a Company to Setup a Video Conferencing Room?

For saving time and working effectively, video conferencing has become the norm of the day. You can talk to your customers through a laptop even if he is located in a distant place. But installation of video conferencing equipment is a difficult process for which you need to hire a professional company.

One of the best and feasible alternatives to the face-to-face meetings between different professional people in commercial sector is the video conferencing. All you need is a software and hardware that are specially designed for the procession of a video conference. Even if you are not seated with your client in a single room, the video conferencing facility will let you see and hear him on your laptop screen and will let you go on with your daily business in the most convenient manner. Such video conferencing software can help you share your thoughts, opinions, as well as files and documents that you want to send to the other person online, along with obviously talking.

The basic video conferencing equipment that you need is the Internet connection, a laptop or desktop computer, a microphone, and a webcam. Selection of hardware will however influence the quality of audio and video while conferencing. So make sure that you purchase hardware e.g. laptop, webcam, and a microphone, that are manufactured by reputable companies and offer and ensure high quality performance. For setting up video conferencing room in your company, you may also need the projector, drop down screens, cameras, quality headphones, microphones and speakers, VCR or DVD recorders, monitors, video players, auxiliary audio-video sources, remote control panels and podiums, if necessary.

But to properly install and join all these tools with one another in order to setup a perfect video conferencing room, you need to hire a company whose professionals will offer you quality service such as ezTalks. ezTalks are specialised in offering the best video conferencing solutions that will turn the difficult installation process very easier. Additionally, operating the equipment for video conferencing is also very difficult sometimes. You might need to learn it beforehand. This is because in case you along with your boss are to video conference with your clients located in another city or country, then in that case your inability to initiate the conference due to your lack knowledge of operating it will lead to embarrassment and insult. Some companies even hire a technical person whose task is to operate the whole system effectively in order to ensure perfect video conferencing session. If you want to reduce cost of its operation, then learn the process yourself from the company that installs the system for you. Additionally, you don’t need to go out yourself into market and buy the whole equipment yourself and then call a company personnel install it. Rather, the company you hire will be offering you all services from providing the whole desired equipment to install it properly in order to make it one unit.

Many companies have been offering the video conferencing installation services. These companies have strategic partnerships with many video conferencing equipment manufacturing companies such as Onion in order to provide you the equipment in least and competitive price possible. So when hiring a company, always look from their websites about which companies’ equipment they will be offering you. This will naturally let you make your best choice in that regard.