Protect your ideas with a patent

If you have an idea and you want to ensure that no one copies it, you need to get patent protection. Patent protection ensures that your invention is registered to you, and that no one can produce an item like it, under threat of being sued. With this protection, you can stop any of your competitors from designing and trying to sell a product that is too similar to yours. (i.e. includes your new, patented features).

It is this protection that not only protects your idea, but that also helps you attract investors by guaranteeing a monopoly and consequent potential rewards.

Patents exist in public record, which means other people can check whether you have patented your product. Of course, the other side of this is that should you choose to patent a product, you will need to check with the patent office website to ensure that no one else has patented that idea. With your patent, you can block anyone else from making a product like yours, and this guarantees you a good profit when you start selling your product, if it is a good product. When you have an idea, be sure to visit your local patent office and register it. It is all very well explained in article.

Before you apply for a patent

Before applying for a patent, there are a few things you need to be aware of, not the least of which is a fee that you have to pay, simply to apply.

However, the patent process may not be the right one for you invention. If you are considering getting a patent, first consider what other types of protection are available, that may suit your invention better. If you are determined that a patent is the right way to go, determine whether your invention is completely new and does not emulate something you have seen before. A patent will not be granted if your invention is not completely original.

Legal ownership is an issue that often comes up, because though people think that something they have invented belongs to them, it may not. If you thought up the idea with someone else, they also have a claim to that patent. If you thought up your invention for your employers, the intellectual property may belong to them, and not to you at all.

Before you apply for a patent, talk to a lawyer or a trusted patent agency like InventHelp about your rights and what you are entitled to in terms of the patent.

Before applying for a patent, you need to think through any potential issues that could affect your claim to that invention as your own. Think through every potential issue and ensure that you can justify your claim to that item.

Then apply for the patent, pay the fee and wait for your patent to be granted.

Get your goods safely and on-time using shipping transport services

Getting goods from China to US becomes really stressful and time-consuming when an individual has to deal it all alone. The risk of transporting goods and other materials is definitely a matter of worry for people who have to get goods or materials from a larger distance. There goes a lot of issues in the mind whether my goods will reach safely and securely or not, what would happen if my transporter will not be up on time on location. But, to end up your queries and worries, you need to choose a perfect shipping service.

Shipping service allows you to get out of worry and sit relaxing while getting your goods from one place to another. If you are looking for an experienced player to shipping your goods, there are many the service provider is right there. You may not have ample knowledge or time to perform at such fronts, so why not to hire a transporter which is versed in all legal issues related to shipping from China to USA.

These service providers has been importing and exporting goods for years, also, they can tell you how long it lasts shipping from China to US time. There are two main methods of getting your goods from China and they are oceanic transport and air freight transport. If for your needs, ocean transport takes too long, you can choose a quick variant of air transport.

With years of experience, the service provider has immense expertise in understanding the how important it is for the goods to arrive in time at a particular location. The service provider feels is a privilege to stand on the expectations of customers by properly communicating with them, and fulfill his demands.

How Does Air Freight Service Works

Our present day living is driven by the need to communicate, to be informed and to send various items worldwide. And due to time constraint and the immediate necessity to transfer everything in the fastest mode of transportation available, the airline and cargo industry devised ways of carrying cargoes while maximizing time incurred during the process.

Cargo shipment by air is now termed to as air freight service. Items shipped at this mode range anywhere from a couple of pounds to as much as 43 000 pounds. Therefore accommodating almost all items that need for immediate shipment.

Parcels and express letters are typically the easiest to ship due to relatively handy size and weight. For larger-sized items however, various methods of shipment are required for travel and services vary depending on the number of categories including:

  • The size and weight of the item
  • The duration (number of days) required for shipment
  • The type of item

There are some basic categories for shipments namely:

a. Household goods which cover items such as furniture and the likes.

b. Overnight express or express shipments that deliver personal and business items which are observably lighter and smaller in size. These often come in the packaging of the carrier or the service provider and are often delivered overnight or within a couple of days, depending on the choice of service the shipper agreed on.

For each type of service level comes different corresponding prices. Parcel and express packages have pretty simpler system of pricing as compared with cargoes covered in the Less-than-Truckload-Freight and Truckload Freight which have more complicated systems of pricing.

While most air freight service providers from China to USA can be contacted directly, heavier cargoes require freight brokers for easier arrangements and for the facilitation of savings. Such brokers can be contacted through online marketplaces. They have the hand for directly arranging shipments at much lower rates since they act as intermediaries between carriers and shippers.

It is good to remember that when shipping cargoes with any type of air freight from China to USA, you must know in full all the terms and conditions included.

Search for patents similar to your idea

Search for patents similar to your idea

As you may have discovered, the problem with most great ideas is that someone else has already thought of it. To be patentable, an invention must be novel and non-obvious around the world. The critical question is this: has someone else already applied for a patent?

For you to obtain the most protection available under the law, we suggest that you order a U.S. and foreign patent search. A U.S. and foreign patent search will tell you which inventions are similar to your invention. There are couple of ways to do this research and is all written in this post on blog.

Protect your idea in anticipation of receiving one or more patents. Once you know for sure that you are on sound footing in pursuing a patent, there are several things you can do to protect your interests as soon as possible.

Search for patents similar to your idea

Provisional Patent

You can file for a Provisional patent application quickly if it does not have claims. Claims are the legally operable part of a patent application, though other parts of the application (in particular the detailed description) may be used for purposes of claiming a priority date. The Provisional patent application has a lesser filing fee than the Utility patent application and will expire if it is not upgraded to a utility patent application within one (1) year of filing. The Provisional patent application does give the inventor(s) a priority date and patent pending status this alone is a goal for many inventors.

Document Disclosure

You can file a Document Disclosure to prove that you came up with an idea on a particular date. This disclosure, though it does not give the inventor a priority date as does the Provisional patent application, will allow the inventor a modicum of peace of mind as the PTO will hold on to the disclosure for two (2) years. The importance of this disclosure is the fact that in the US, the right to an invention lodges in the first person(s) to invent and not necessarily the first person(s) to file a patent application. The disclosure is only good so long as a patent application is diligently filed in the PTO, and the inventor makes no public disclosure of the invention. There is this article on which could be very helpful too.

How To Patent Something?

How To Patent Something?

Have you lately been brooding over the question “how to patent something” then congrats you have just come to the right place. Here on this blog all of your quarries will be answered. Before we begin it is necessary to understand as to what patent means exactly.

Understanding Patent:

Patent is the legal authority provided by the government to an individual, business person conferring a right or title to sell and use an innovation, idea or product. Patents are the exclusive rights given by the government to an individual or entrepreneur to use a specific innovation/idea/product for a specific time frame. If you need more info on what a patent is you can read this post too

Now, once you have understood as to what exactly patent is, the next step would draw you closer to know how to patent something. The next step involves understanding the type of patents granted by a government.

There are majorly three types of patents provided by the government, which is listed below:

1. Utility patents: patents can be obtained on anything which is tangible or can enable a skilled person to use and make it. Any machine, process or substance which has utility value is called utility patent.

According to United States Patent Law anything which is capable of drawing benefits or has desirable results are utility patent.

There are about three categories of utility patent:

  • Operability Utility: – An innovation which can be operated.
  • Practical Utility: – the innovation must be capable of being used in the practical world.
  • Beneficial Utility: – the innovation must be capable of being used in the practical world.

How To Patent Something?

2. Design Patent: – design patent is granted to those who have come up with a unique and novel design for specific innovation.

3. Plant Patent: – plant patent is provided to those who have come up with a unique reproduced plant.

Once you have understood the meaning and the type of patents which can be provided you can proceed towards filling the application form for getting patent. For filling the form keep the following points in your mind:

Disclosure: Do make disclosure of the invention which you have just come up with. Do record minute details of the steps as to how you come up with the idea of innovation. The disclosure should be written and it must be signed by at least three witnesses.

Drawing: prepare a drawing of the invention to draw the attention of the patent examiner. The drawing should clearly highlight the component of substance which is unique and new for the world.

Submitting application: the patent application thus filled should be submitted at the patent examiners office, who will determine whether or not patent should be granted to the applicant. The patent examiner goes through the crucial process of patent search before taking any decision. Learn more about patent application from Linkedin – also.

Patenting an Idea

Patenting an Idea

Be it in the cola bottles you see, on the machines you get to use, on the medicines you buy it is almost anywhere. Now you are left puzzled what is this all about? Why inventors seem to be talking about this all the time. You might be wondering how patenting an idea works.

A patent is issued by the Patents and Trademarks Office. This is granted to a person in order to have sole ownership of a certain invention. Therefore, all the rights are given to that inventor solely meaning no one is allowed to copy the said invention as long as the patent has still an owner. It is all very well explained on this article at

It is like an assurance that all the credits of the product are given to the rightful inventor. Actually it is a way to protect the inventor from copycats who might copy the invention and name it after them. In a span of like 20 years, no one is allowed to reproduce and distribute the product except for the inventor who have filed and granted a patent.

There is an application process that the inventor must personally accomplish. PTO recommends inventors to have a patent lawyer or patent agent to do the job for documentation. All the details of the product must be stated in the documents including all the claims of its utility. Any lacking detail can be a ground for the rejection of the product. The process of acquiring a patent is actually long. Sometimes, the examination of the invention may take a year to be able to be approved.

Patenting an Idea

You can actually have a expert by your side such as the InventHelp company who has specialization on patent laws to let you know the ways of patenting an idea. This way you will be guided accordingly.

If you come to know what patenting an idea means, you will actually be enlightened also of the benefits of having one. In today’s world where competition is but rampant, having your own invention patented is a big thing. Some might take advantage of you if it is not patented. They may even use to product for their personal gain without having you credits for the work you have done.

For inventors, having the knowledge in patenting an idea is also an advantage. This way you will be assured that you are truly well guided because you know enough.

This is true not only with the inventors but also to all. Having knowledge about patents may have widened your horizon. Sometimes, it is in knowing small things that you tend to be curious and dig deeper on its essence thus creating a more aware and conscious you. Who knows? You can be the next inventor to patent your very own invention that will be of much use to the public.

PCB fabrication and assembly has become more innovative

PCB fabrication and assembly has become more innovative

The truth is that PCBs are different from each other and they offer various capacities. In fact, PCBs are multilayered products that are manufactured using PCB grinding, screen printing, copper grinding and many other techniques. PCBs that are blank can come with single or double sides.

With the use of the PCB model, the company will be able to see and discover whether the prototype represented works well for mass production. The basic material used in the fast-moving PCB is copper, which is usually coated with lead or tin in order to oxidize the material.

Once the material is coated with sheet metal and lead, it will then be covered with a material known as nickel. The final procedure ends with gold because it will improve or maintain exquisite conductivity.

PCB fabrication and assembly has become more innovative

Before these PCBs are eliminated, they must first undergo a visual, computerized and detailed examination. This will prevent defective PCBs from leaving the factory and the manufacturing plant from conception to the delivery stages. With these pace in PCB manufacturing, failures and faults will be effectively corrected.

The technological innovation of PCB fabrication and assembly has become more innovative and advanced because of the great demand. Printed Circuit Board fabrication are used to support and link electric elements automatically. They are affordable and can be produced in large quantities in a short period of time. Before fabricating a PCB, producers determine its design.

PCB Manufacturing Supervision

PCB Manufacturing Supervision

The quality control considerations in which the manufacturer works are a point to be observed. This involves the various visual and computerized controls of the manufacturing stages of the printed circuit board from conception to the shipping steps. It also details the steps taken to correct faults and failures in the process.

The manufacture of PCB plates can be a very harmful process for humans and the environment. This is especially true when the main element is present. A PCB manufacturing plant must be able to clearly define the safety considerations that have to deal with toxic matter, the ways to eliminate obsolete PCBs, recycling processes and modern, human and ecological equipment and processes.

PCB Manufacturing Supervision

The manufacturing process implemented is crucial since the operation of the PCB, and therefore, the different equipment used in the manufacture of PCBs are complex and sensitive. The manufacturing environment is also controlled to prevent PCBs from becoming contaminated.

The choice of your company’s printed circuit boards should be able to guarantee this even for the final product packaging process. Ignoring this is like putting the reputation of your company and your electronic products at risk.

PCB most important industry in today world

PCB most important industry in today world

Printed circuit board PCB refers to the support body that provides electronic component set installation and plug-in. After some specific design, the circuit will connect the electronic components together to achieve the function and capability of intermediate transmission;

In life, PCBs have a wide range of applications (such as computer motherboards, notebook computers, cameras, etc.), which are indispensable components of all electronic products, so they are also called the mother of electronic systems, depending on their softness. Divided into hard circuit board RPC and flexible circuit board FPC and soft and hard composite board.

PCB most important industry in today world

In fact, the PCB is a basic component developed according to the needs of various electronic products, and the insulating material is supplemented by the mechanical components formed by the conductor wiring. The PCB is mainly used to carry electronic components. By using the electronic circuit formed by the circuit board, each electronic component is combined and then connected together to serve as a bridge for communication between circuits.

PCB is widely used in computers, precision instruments, consumer electronics, and other industrial products. PCBA manufacturing is a comprehensive industry integrating optics, electricity, chemistry, machinery, materials and management science. It is also one of the two major parts manufacturing industries in the domestic electronics industry.

Tips For Filing Provisional Patent Application

All the patents in the United States are issued by the USPTO, which is also known as the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Although, the patent application process can be quite a lengthy and complex process, but once you have filed the application it would protect your invention for the duration of 12 months till the time you organize your full patent application. Additionally, a patent application is also less expensive as well as easier to obtain, which usually does not require any kind of assistance from a legal professional and also provides a ‘patent pending’ status to your invention. However, if you are planning to file a provisional patent application, it is recommended to follow these set of guidelines, which can provide you necessary information on the entire process as is described in details on too.

Obtain and complete forms

This is first and one of the most important requirements while filing a patent application. The fee transmittal form, cover sheet and the application data sheet that must accompany the provisional patent application can quite easily be obtained from the USPTO website. The cover sheet would include the names and addresses of the inventors along with the title of the invention. The fee transmittal form would help you in determining which filing fee applies to the application. The important thing is that the required application data should be submitted in the required USPTO format.

Write the specifications

The specification that you mention for your invention should be quite clear and concise. The specifications should explain how the product is built in terms that a reasonably qualified person can create the invention through these specifications.

Make drawing

A provisional patent application usually requires drawings in black and white ink unless a specific color is required to illustrate any vital aspect of the invention. Photographs are acceptable only for those inventions that pertain to biological or microscopic features.

Get a receipt

It is important to understand that provisional patent applications cannot be submitted online, but can be sent through an email. However, in order to receive the receipt from the USPTO, it is necessary to include a self-addressed stamped postcard along with the application and the conformation number, the title, date of filing, name of the inventor or the inventors and a list of all the submitted documents. However, if there is any kind of discrepancy between the documents and the postcard received by the USPTO, it would be recorded on the postcard and then returned back. You can always get professional help from companies such as InventHelp to help you out.